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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies are now available via Telehealth by below Massage World TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine) practitioners Australia wide.


Michelle Ma
– Qualification: Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at SITCM in 2014
– Registration: AHPPA 
– Association: ANTA
– Location: Chippendale
Live Video Platform: WeChat & WhatsApp

$50 consultation fee to be paid prior to consultation

Michelle Ma

Michelle continued her passion for Chinese Herbal Remedies in TCM from China. The theoretical basis for her Herbal Remedy method is movement of blood and Qi between human cells. She uses quantity and smells of herbal remedies to achieve balance of circulation.

Her main diagnostic method is tongue diagnose. She combines information from the tongue and other body symptoms to make a drink with few different kinds of herbs in order to improve an or some health issue(s) and well-being.

WeChat & WhatsApp: 0411 301 808

One cycle of treatment is seven days. Afterward, if you wish to continue with the same treatment plan (same issue) or change to another health issue(s), please book for another consultation because your herbs (quantity or types) may need to be update or change according to your changing conditions.

Generally you will get 14 packs of herbs for a cycle of treatment; twice a day, one pack each time and 30mins before meal in the morning and evening.

To prepare the herbs for drinking:

(1) Soak the herbs in 150ml boiling water for 2 mins
(2) Take the herbs out
(3) Drink the herbal tea warm

Please kindly note the following during the cycle of treatment:

-Needs at least one hour between the herbal tea and Western medicine (if any)
-Do not take other herb(s) and/ or supplement(s) (include vitamins) (if any)
-Do not eat carrot(s) and/or green bean(s)
-There may be some reaction(s) or minor side effects as your body improve
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