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Telehealth in Herbal

Massage World's Doctor (Tradition Chinese Medicine) can offer Telehealth Australia wide.

Practitioners Introduction

Meow Wong
– Bachelor of TCM
– Register by AHPRA
– Association: AACMA
– Working Location: Chippendale and Sydney

David Kang
– Bachelor of TCM (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)
– Register by AHPPA
– Association is ATMS
– Working Location : Chippendale

Jing Su
– Bachelor of TCM in China
– Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China in 19
– Register by AHPRA
– Association: ATMS
– Working Location : Hong Kong

Michelle Ma
– Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at SITCM in 2014.
– Register by AHPPA
– Association: ANTA
– Working Location: Chippendale

We will charge $50 for consultation fee

Meow Wong

Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diploma of Remedial Massage Provide Service: *Remedial Massage *Acupuncture *Auriculotherapy *Chinese Herbal Medicine *Cupping *Scraping (Gua Sha) *Moxibustion *Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Work location Schedule: Monday in the Chippendale Saturday in the Sydney Register by AHPRA, Association : AACMA HICAPS Available for Remedial Massage.

My other treatment methods include using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) of applying blue or red light on acupuncture points and Auriculotherapy of applying Vaccaria seeds or magnets on the external ears as standalone or complementary treatments. For the convenience of my patients, I will prescribe and post herbal granules or herbal capsules (from $ 40.00 onwards inclusive of GST & Postage) to my patients’ doorsteps. When necessary, I will also recommend herbal supplements (also in capsule forms) to provide continual support of my patients’ health in between visits or consultations. When applying Auriculotherapy (strongly recommended for musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety, depressions & PTSD) I will post the ‘Vaccaria Seed Starter Pack’ ($100.00 inclusive of GST & postage and instructions) to the patients. This is followed with a FREE video session making sure that the patient knows how to apply the seeds on their external ears.

Jing Su

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China 1985 - Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine in University of Hong Kong 2008 - Register by AHPRA -Association: AMTS -Register No :003327 (Hong Kong) -Working Location: Hong Kong. - Professor at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Su(Tradition Chinese Medicine ), his ...
Dr Su (TCM) has a strong experience in diagnosis and using Chinese midicine. He need to ask the patients to take a photo of tongue and Face via wechat or Video to start the consutation . He offer your Chinese herb in pills or Powder or give you a Chinese Medicine Prescription.

David Kang

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diploma of Natural Therapy. Provide Service: *Remedial Massage *Deep Tissue Massage *Acupuncture *Chinese Herbal *Cupping *Scraping *Aromatherapy *Reflexology
Work location Schedule: Friday in the Chippendale
Register by AHPRA, Association: ATMS

Telehealth consultation with David (herbal medicine) can help you with a variety of Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments to benefit your health conditions regarding dermatology (acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis), gyneacology (PMS, period pain, irregular period, UTI), hay fever, menopause, anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic musculoskeletal pain and digestive issues.

Michelle Ma

Michelle continued her professional development in China for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chinese Herbal. the theoretical basis for her Medication is the movement of Blood and Qi between human cells. and use the amount and smells of the medicine to achieve a balance of circulation.

She combines information about the tongue with symptoms, along with a few kinds of herbal to compound a tea for health issues.

One course of treatment is seven days. When you need to continue for health management or help with health issues, you need to update consultation and herbal.
* A dose of the herb is divided into 14 packs. Take one pack pre-time. Twice pre-day as 30 mins before a meal during morning and evening.
* Soak the herbs in boiling water of 150ml for 2 mins then take the herbs out. Drink the herbal tea warm. Keep the herbs for the evening.
** Needs one hour between Chinese herb and Western medicine (if any).
** Do not take other HERB & supplements (include vitamins) at the same time or during the same period.
** Do not eat carrot(s) and/or green bean(s) at the same time or during the same period.
*** There may be a reaction for improvement.
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