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Telehealth is having consultation with a practitioner via use of information and communication technologies.


Our Telehealth focus on Herbal Remedies part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and use tongue diagnose as our main method.


Our live video consultation is available via WeChat and WhatsApp.


With this new service, we are now able to extend our herbal remedies to our existing clients outside the limit of location; you don’t need to come to our clinic, we can do the live video consultation in the comfort of your own home, office or any quiet private place you can find and we can post you your herbal package too.


Please kindly note that while the consultation is done in live video, practitioners will still ask clients to send photo of their tongue prior, during or after the consultation before providing the herbs.


Please also note that telehealth is not available for health fund rebate.


We look forward to having you book with us.


  • Consultation Fee: $50 (paid prior to consultation)
  • Herbal Remedies Pack(s) including standard postage: $100 (paid prior to pickup/ delivery)

How does it work?

  • Book with us
    1. Get to know our practitioner(s) and their herbal remedy method by clicking on the below “Book Online”
    2. Book with an practitioner by clicking on “Book Now” next to his or her information. A payment of $50 consultation fee is need for the booking and payment receipt will be email to you via email provided.
    3. An email with booking details will be also be send to you
  • Submitted Form
    1. Prior to your booking, if you can, please fill in and submitted Client Questionnaire form linked in the booking confirmation email
  • Live Video with Practitioner
    1. Prior to your booking, added/ invite practitioner as friend via WeChat or WhatsApp. Please kindly note the date, time and your name for the booking
    2. Prior to your booking, take a photo of top and underside of your tongue then send the photos to your practitioner via WeChat or WhatApps
    3. At or around the time your appointment, your practitioner will call you via WeChat or WhatsApp for live video with you
  • Herbal Package(s)
    1. During your booking, your practitioner will advise or prescribe the herbs for a treatment cycle to you
    2. During your booking, please advise our practitioner if you like to have the herbs post to you
    3. After the booking, an email with prescribe herbs and delivery address (if applicable) will be send to you
    4. Payment of $100 for the herbal remedy package(s) (including standard postage if applicable) is to be made using link provided on the confirmation email. Please note your name on shipping address when making payment so we can match your order with your payment.
    5. An invoice will be email to you once payment is received.
    6. An email will be sent once the herbs are posted
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