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Our online Telehealth (Video Consultation Service) gives you direct access to an Australian Registered Doctor(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for a scheduled appointment that suits you.

Consultation via Telehealth is available via Wechat, KakaoTalk, Zoom Video, Whatsapp, or Email whichever you prefer.

Patients will be asked to send the top and underside picture of their tongue prior to the start of the consultation.

Telehealth Process
1. Once you have booked in Through our Website for a consult.
2. Reading our information carefully to Understand
3. Choose your Practitioner
4. Used WeChat or Whatsapp to post your picture of Tongue. The Telehealth consult can not process without the picture.
5. Filling the intake Form and sign. the Telehealth consult can not process without a filled and signed Form.
6. Please pay your Consultation Fee of $50 directly.
7. Once the platform is determined. A Link Will be Emailed to you to join a consultation.
8. After the health history and Diagnostic process is completed. We will Provide you with A Treatment Plan.
9. After reading your treatment plan. Please go to the Massage World website and fill the confirmation form to confirm that you agree to Accept Herbal treatment then pay for herbal treatments or cancel the process.
10. We will send you a receipt after your confirmation and payment. We will send you a Chinese Herbal Medicine or a Prescription after your confirmation and payment. 

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