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Before booking , please checking below

**Please kindly note that our clinics (including our clients)
need to follow the below government restriction rules:

1. Register by QR Code on entry
2. Always wear your mask (include during treatment)
3. Do not attend or continue to attend appointment if you:
    a.Are at any risk of getting COVID/ COVID DELTA
    b.Live in a high-risk area e.g. Local Government Area
(LGA) of concern
    c.Are in close contract with individuals who tested
4.Let our practitioners know if you have the following
    a. Cough
    b.Sore throat
    c. Fever
    d. Unwell

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and
we appreciate your corporations.

(1) Sydney @ World Square Commercial Building
Mon-Sun Opening hour: 10:30AM ~ 6:30PM

Kim Hay (Monday – Friday)
Anna Ost (Saturday)
Meow Wong (Saturday)
Heather Chen (Sunday)

(2) Chippendale @ Central Park Mall
Mon-Sun Opening hour: 11AM ~ 7PM

Michelle Ma (Monday – Sunday)
Kin Ta (Tuesday – Thursday)
Diana Xin (Monday & Sunday)
Meow Wong (Monday)
Ling Hung (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Chris Li (Wednesday & Thursday)
Bao Thun (Thursday – Saturday)
Alvin Zhou (Saturday & Sunday)
David Kang (Friday)

(3) Pyrmont @ Pyrmont Bay
Mon-Sun Opening hour: 11AM ~ 7PM

Heather Chen (Monday & Thursday)
Lisa Shi (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday)
Herny (Sunday)

(4) Dapto @ Dapto Mall
Mon-Sun Opening hour: 9AM ~ 5PM

Mai Chong (Monday – Sunday)
Lisa Xin (Monday & Friday)

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