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Deep Tissue Massage

Use of heavy and deep pressure along particular muscles especially with lots of tension that require deep sections of applying friction


Reflexology is a therapeutic style of traditional Chinese medicine massage through the use of reflex points on the feet or hands.


A form of placing glass cups to create a suction with the pulling of skin to remove inflammation, blood flow, and alternatively to deep tissue, helps to relax the muscles.


A fresh, pleasant-smelling and welcoming fragrance applied to the massage to promote treatment of muscle tension, anxiety and depression.

Chinese herb

Helps to restore body functions of the organ system by neutralizing the imbalance of energy with traditional Chinese herbs. It is best to get a consultation for the right treatment.


Uses the medical theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine to eliminate pain, stimulate immunity and promote circulation by inserting needles into the meridian points of the body.

Remedial Massage

Assists patients in maintaining health by manipulation of superficial soft tissue of the body to improve muscular pains and aches.

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