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Ear candling

Ear candling enables the removal of wax from the ears by the application of negative pressure of burnt candle to form a suction and clean the ear canals. With the removal of earwax from the ear canals this can promote a clearer head and pathways are no longer blocked and can form free flow of blood. A towel will be provided by the practitioner for protecting the head and neck from burning candle wax that can drip from the ears.

Additionally, ear candling can clinically treat the build-up of earwax, tinnitus, sore throat, stress dizziness, colds and ear infections. This can be combined with other massage services already listed.

If you are a customer looking treatment on the ears, wanting to remove earwax, improve the body circulation (reflexology of ears) then this treatment may be suitable for you. Some health problems such as a build-up of earwax, colds, flus, sore throats, blocked circulation or mental clarity can be treated with this form of service. If you are looking to seek for more advice you are more than welcome to book an appointment or call us to discuss your needs on finding the most effective treatment for you.

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