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Aromatherapy uses a unique scented oil made from natural plant extracts to promote the patient’s wellbeing and health. The essential oils are applied on the body where the muscles are massaged as usual and helps to stimulate the immune and lymphatic system without leaving any toxic residue behind. In addition, it can help to relieve from anxiety, depression and stress as the fragrance of the essential oils can reach the brain quicker than using regular massage oil (made with vitamin E).

This massage is more suited for patient who wish to improve their mental and physical health simultaneously as the muscles can easily tolerate the essentials oils and sooth the mind and body. Therefore, aromatherapy can help to treat muscle tension by breaking adhesions and build the lymph to remove waste as well as induce relaxation to treat psychological conditions.

If you are a customer looking for relaxation and relieving stress, aromatherapy may be suitable for you. Some health problems such as infections, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, the feeling of mental stress can be treated best with this service. If you are looking to seek for more advice you are more than welcome to book an appointment or call us to discuss your needs on finding the most effective treatment for you.