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What is Xiaofang?
The Xiaofang I use in my application is learned from traditional Chinese medicine teachers in China. “XiaofangZhengShi” is based on the theory of cytology in human spatial medicine. It recognizes that human health depends on the smooth flow and energy balance between cells and the spaces between them.

However, Xiaofang diagnoses the body’s health by examining the tongue’s quality and coating to assess the balance and imbalance of energy within the body. Xiaofang uses the properties and aromas of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, focusing on using fewer but more potent herbs, diluted to enhance the medicine’s movement within the body. This approach aims to repair cells and their spatial energy, thereby unblocking the body’s energy flow and adjusting the balance of energy (Qi and blood).

Xiaofang involves selecting five or six types of herbs from thousands of Chinese herbs, tailored to the patient’s condition. Each herb does not exceed 7 grams and is ground into powder, not made into tea bags. It can be consumed after steeping in boiling water for two minutes.

Its medication is carefully selected, with a mild taste, making it easy to accept for both short-term and long-term use. The concentrated medicinal power is beneficial for improving the internal environment of the body and can be used for both treating and preventing diseases, especially suitable for acute and chronic sub-health conditions.

For example, it is used for:
Managing conditions where the body is weak and the Qi and blood are imbalanced;
-Helping to reduce various types of pain;
-Improving sleep quality;
-Alleviating pain from male and female disorders.

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