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Naval Acupuncture

Navel acupuncture is based on the theory of Tai Chi and the Eight Trigrams, as well as the interdependent relationships between the internal organs. It involves the use of five-coloured needles (red, yellow, white, black, and green) inserted obliquely around the navel. This method aims to regulate the body’s Yin and Yang and balance its Qi and blood. It is a treatment method that integrates the concepts of “heaven, earth, and human,” enhancing the effectiveness of both prevention and treatment.

Navel acupuncture can help with both acute and chronic illnesses. My focus includes:

Various types of pain,
Various types of nodules,
Gastrointestinal discomfort,
Male and female disorders,
Weight loss and conditioning.
Advantages of umbilical acupuncture:

Fewer needles are used. Each session involves inserting 2 to 7 needles.
It is easily accepted. The pain from needle insertion is reduced, and retaining the needles is comfortable. There is no intense pain from stimulation.
One needle method, multiple effects.

For example, a customer mentioned that while receiving acupuncture for hip joint pain, their blood sugar levels also decreased.

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