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Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment. We use doTERRA Essential Oils since the beginning to share the highest quality oil in the world.

The benefits are:
– Used in Massages (Swedish Technique) to absorb essential oil molecules through your skin
. Treating various health issues including Relief from anxiety and depression, Headache, Overweight, Poor Sleep or other chronic health conditions

– can be used with the Diffuser to Freshen the Air or can be inhaled with the nose
– can be used with drinks to help Digestive System and Immune System and Supporting health metabolic function
– can be used for cosmetic purposes such as beauty and personal care, getting Clear Skin or maintaining hair Care, and obtaining beautiful Teeth.

All the above will be beneficial to improve your quality of life

Aromatherapy is available at our Chippendale Branch including the individual essential oils. Inquire by phone or purchase online.

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