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How is COVID-19 in Australia and NSW?

We’re still open and running!

Our therapeutic massage services are remained open during this time and the government restrictions still allow for you to leave your homes to attend for medical/health reasons to seek appointments, this includes Acupuncture.

We still want to help achieve your wellbeing by continuing to practice and ensure that we can improve your health.

Therapeutic massage services are now listed under healthcare services can remain open. For more info on what you can or can’t do:

However, we ask that you do not attend an appointment 14 days following arrival back into Australia for all other international travel from other countries.

For more information you can visit the NSW Government of Health here:

What we need from our clinic

 As COVID-19 is still continuing its spread worldwide, all therapists may be concerned with the effects on businesses and clinics and to exercise safety and their own health. To further understand clinical practice standards including infection control, the Australian Government Department of Health has updates on this information here. the Australian Government Department of Health updates.

For covid-19 guide for clinical practice click here COVID-19 Guide for Clinical Practice

During the therapeutic services it is important we ensure that clinical records and fully maintained, including informed consent, various lifestyle advice and contraindications. All therapists have the right of refusal for any clients who may be suffering an illness of any kind.

To clarify what and who we can refuse service to, click on Australia’s anti-discrimination laws

However, we ask that you do not attend an appointment 14 days following arrival back into Australia for all other international travel from other countries.

Our suggestion on how to keep the body healthy

 If you are not going outside for medical reasons, exercise, work, school, purchasing foods, goods and services then you must stay at home.

In order to keep the body healthy and up to its wellbeing it is best to exercise the following:

-Make sure you have taken your medication especially if you are over the age of 70, your prescription medication can also be delivered free of charge which can be arrange with your local pharmacist. For others, it is best to boost the immunity with supplements such as consuming Vitamin C.

-Taking a Flu shot will not necessary help to be fully immunised over COVID-19, it can still help to combat over other contracting diseases and is free for Australians over 65 at your local GP.

-Always wash your hands often and avoid the tactile contact with the nose, mouth and throat. If you are coughing, make sure you are coughing on your elbow crease or tissue.

-Stay connected and keep in touch with family and friends through the means of phone, email and social media. This helps along with the social distancing and self-isolation but keeping in contact with other will help to maintain emotional and mental health.

-Aim to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour either at home or out in the sunlight. Practice caution and 1.5-meter social distancing between you and other whilst outside.

-Seek for medical advice early if you are not feeling well or have encountered cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever. You can call 000 if it is an emergency or for more info you can contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080 OR State Department of Health: New South Wales 1300 066 055

-You can also download the COVIDSafe app to keep track of people being exposed to COVID-19 and to protect and support other and yourself. For more info click here:

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