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Michelle Ma


Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Diploma of Natural Therapy

Provide Service:
*Remedial Massage
*Chinese Herbal
*Deep Tissue Massage

Work location Schedule:
Monday to Sunday in the Chippendale

Register by AHPRA, Association: ANTA

HICAPS Available for Remedial Massage and Acupuncture
RECEIPT for Chinese Herbal

Michelle completed a Diploma of Natural Therapy in Australasian College of Natural Therapies in 1995 and a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at SITCM in 2014. Later she continued her professional development in China for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal.

Since 1997, Michelle has worked in Michelle Natural Therapy clinic, and then formerly Massage World as a Natural Therapist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Michelle does Remedial Massage Treatment and focuses on combining the muscular system with the meridian system. It can achieve good results for helping various common issues like stiff neck, headache, frozen shoulder, constipation, lumbar muscle strain or injury, depression, insomnia, and poor circulation.

Michelle has characteristics in the practice of acupuncture to use less needles as she believes this can help clients in Scoliosis, Facial paralysis, Stroke hemiplegia, Necrosis of the femoral head.

Michelle offers health advice in Chinese Herbal Medicine as she combines information of the tongue with symptoms, along with a few kinds of herbal to compound a tea for health issues. This demonstrates therapeutic effects of unblocking body cell space and balances the cell function to achieve good health. Because Michelle focuses on good taste over the certain use of herbs, this has been a popular treatment in her practice.

Michelle provides various complementary treatments with acupuncture, cupping, scraping, moxibustion for relieving chronic pain and frequent dizziness, cold hands and feet, menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, fertility, stroke hemiplegia, and maintaining the health body.

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