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Mobile massage

Mobile massage is very convenient for patients who generally want to sit and relax without the need to take time and change. The patient will face onto a pillow hole whilst resting the arms and legs onto the chair with an open back for the massage therapist to have access to massage the following areas. Generally mobile massage is shorter time paced than ordinary remedial massages. Hence, this form of massage can similarly help to relieve muscle tension and improve the flexibility and movement of the patient’s body.

The mobile massage is the more comfortable way for a patient to receive a massage without the need the remove clothing nor shoes. It is primarily more focussed on the treating the back, arms, neck and shoulders without the need the move the patient as they are already resting in a customized position on the massage chair.

If you are a customer looking for quick and comfortable back massages during a busy period, then mobile massage would be highly recommended. Some health problems such as frozen shoulder, whiplash, muscle cramps, arthritis, spondylitis, tennis elbow, golf elbows and other forms of muscular injuries can definitely be treated with this service. If you are looking to seek for more advice you are more than welcome to book an appointment or call us to discuss your needs on finding the most effective treatment for you