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Dry neddling

Dry needling is the use of a sterile needle that is inserted through the skin and muscle belly via intramuscular stimulation to eliminate the pain caused by myofascial trigger points. Hence dry needling stimulates trigger points to treat neuromuscular pain upon diagnosis and relaxes the muscles upon discomfort by promoting free flow of blood (and Qi). Due to the muscle fibres blocked from the lack of free flow of blood, this will generate tightness of banding and further progression of knots which can be possibly reduced with insertion of dry needles.

Dry needling can help to treat acute and chronic pain by increasing the blood flow into injury site and limit inflammation with needles inserted for a short period of time by the practitioner. This helps to release the knot and relieve muscle pain and spasms. Therefore, this can help to promote flexibility, range of motion and less trigger points upon the particular muscle groups that are treated. This service is usually combined with other massage therapies or can be performed alone.

If you are a customer looking for treatment on musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, extreme muscle tension then dry needling may be suitable for you. Some health problems such as stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, chronic back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck pain or other musculoskeletal issues can be treated with dry needling.  If you are looking to seek for more advice you are more than welcome to book an appointment or call us to discuss your needs on finding the most effective treatment for you.